This is a contract between The Bark Shoppe (hereinafter referred to as Facility) and the pet Owner whose signature appears below (hereinafter referred to as Owner)

HEALTH: The animal is fit healthy and free of any contagious diseases. Any groom which takes place on an elderly animal or animal with health problems will be at the Owner’s risk. Grooming may expose or aggravate any pre-existing health/skin problems for which
The Bark Shoppe cannot be held liable. Senior pets also have a greater chance of injury during grooming. In the event of any injury or health concern, The Bark Shoppe is authorized to contact a Veterinary physician and authorize the Vet to treat the pet as necessary at the Owner's expense.

VACCINATIONS: My dog's vaccinations are current and in compliance with the laws of the city of New York. I have also provided The Bark Shoppe with a copy of my pet's vaccinations and will continue to do so as necessary.

DEMATTING & SHAVING: Dematting may cause patchiness or hair-loss. Consent to remove the matted hair is on the understanding a matted pet is at greater risk of injury, nicks, clipper irritation, mental and physical stress, and trauma. The Bark Shoppe reserves the right to refuse to demat any dog that will be caused unnecessary discomfort when there are alternative options such as shaving. Shaving may expose pre-existing skin conditions, and will dramatically alter your dog's appearance. Consent to shave your pet is on this understanding.

SITTING FEE: Payment will be made as per price list and quote. Owners must collect pet(s) at the time stated. The Bark Shoppe will contact the Owner approximately 15 minutes before established pick up time. Uncollected pets will be charged a sitting fee of $12.00 per 30 minutes after the pet is not picked up. All pets not picked by 6 pm will be charged an automatic boarding fee of $55.00 and must be picked up on the next business day.

PICTURES: All photos taken of your pet while at The Bark Shoppe are the property of The Bark Shoppe and may be used in promotional materials. Including, but not limited to print, video, and social media.

APPOINTMENT & CANCELLATION POLICY: I understand that a deposit of $20.00 is required to make an appointment at
The Bark Shoppe which applies to the service selected. The Bark Shoppe has a 15 minute grace period for all scheduled appointments, a $15 late fee will be added to your service if we are able to accommodate you. If I need to cancel my appointment I will give
The Bark Shoppe a 24-hour notice. Your deposit is non-refundable after 24-hour cancellation window. If an appointment is not canceled in the stated time The Bark Shoppe is authorized to charge the credit card on file to schedule appointments and keep your $20.00 deposit as a cancellation fee. I understand that if The Bark Shoppe is unable to process the cancellation fee, a cancellation fee of $20.00 will be applied to your next service.


1. Owner agrees to pay the rate for the day, bathing, and grooming in effect on each date the pet is checked into the Facility as listed in the Facility.

2. Owner further agrees to pay all charges for special services requested, and all veterinary costs for the pet during the time said the pet is in the care of the Facility.

3. Owner assumes any expense or liability for injuries that Owners pet may inflict upon any human or pet while in the Facility. 4. Owner further agrees that the pet shall not leave the Facility until all charges are paid in full to the Facility.

5. By signing this contract and leaving said pet delivered by the Owner to the Facility, Owner certifies to the accuracy of all information give about said pet on the backside of this contract.

6. The Facility shall exercise reasonable care for the pet delivered by the Owner to the Facility for grooming or bathing. It is expressly agreed by the Owner and Facility that the Facility's liability shall in no event exceed the current chattel value of a pet of the same species of the pet left at the Facility. The Owner further agrees to be solely responsible for any and all acts of behavior of said pet while it is in the care of the Facility.


7. Owner specifically represents that he or she is the sole Owner of the pet-free and clear of all liens and encumbrances.

8. The Owner especially represents to the Facility that the pet has not been exposed to rabies, distemper, or bordetella within a 30 day period proper to being left for grooming or bathing.

9. All charges incurred by the Owner shall be payable upon pick up of pet, or when billed by the Facility at the address listed on the other side of this contract. The Facility shall have and is hereby granted, a lien on the pet for any and all unpaid charges resulting from grooming or bathing or any other service provided by the Facility.

10. If a pet becomes ill or if the state of the pet's health otherwise requires professional attention, the Facility, in its sole discretion may engage in the services of a veterinarian or administer medicine or give other requisite attention to the pet and the exposes thereof shall be paid by the Owner. The Owner gives consent to the Facility and holds the Facility harmless for said expenses in any and all circumstances. Including if the pet contracts bronchitis or influenza.

11. This contract contains the entire agreement between the parties. All terminus and conditions of this contract shall be binding on the heirs, administers, personal representatives, and assigns of the Owner and Facility.

12. Any controversy or claim arising out of or relating to this contract, or breach thereof, or as the result of any claim or controversy involving the alleged negligence by any party to this contract, shall be settled by arbitration in accordance with the rules of the American Arbitration Associa- tion, and judgment upon the award rendered by an arbitrator may be entered in any court having jurisdiction thereof. The arbitrator shall, as a part of his/her award, determine an award to the prevailing party of the costs of such arbitration and reasonable attorney's fees of the prevailing party.

13. The Owner has read and understands the price list and discount policies. The Owner also understands that the Facility will not be responsible for any items left at the Facility this includes but not limited to: beds, toys, clothing, heirlooms, hand made blankets, collectible bowls, leashes, harnesses, and collars.