Pup and Fluff (SC) - L

Pup and Fluff (SC) - L

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A large dog is considered any dog between 41+ lbs. 

Premium Service offering to include the following:
1. Bathing & Brushing
2. Deshedding Conditioner (or Remoisturizing Conditioner for Long Coats)
3. Deshedding Service
4. Facial
5. Nail trim +& Nail Grinding
6. Paw Pad cleaning
7. Ear & Eye Cleaning
8. Teeth Brushing
9. Sanitary Trim
10. TBS Signature 8oz Body Spray

Standard Service Offering to include the following:
1. Bathing
2. Facial
3. Ear & Eye Cleaning
4. Sanitary Trim

Please note, a standard will need to be upgraded to a premium if interested in ANY services listed under premium.