Protecting Your Pup's Paws In The Winter Season

Protecting Your Pup's Paws In The Winter Season

As we approach the colder months and the snow season, there may be rock salts and chemicals to prevent slipping. Unfortunately, salt on dog paws may cause health concerns. Head down below if you want some tips for protecting your pups’ paws in the winter season.

Is Salt Bad for Dog’s Paws?

Many de-icers have various kinds of chemicals like magnesium chloride, calcium chloride, potassium chloride, or sodium chloride.

These salts have the potential to badly harm your pets. Salt on dog paws may cause injuries on the paws less severely, like cracks, redness, or any discoloration on the paws and between their toes.

If you find your puppy licking its paws more frequently than normal, maybe use paw covers. Following are some tips to protect your dog’s paws from salt and other chemicals.

Moisturizing Paw Pads

Before you take a walk with your puppy, apply some balm to their paw pads. This will prevent damage to their paws due to salt or other chemicals.

Make sure you put on paw balm even after a walk to make them soft. If you don't have paw balm, then petroleum jelly can also work.

Use Pup Booties

Salt can be avoided by wearing booties. To find the right size for your pup's paws, measure from the heel up to the toe. These booties have Velcro straps to fit the paw. Make sure they are not too tight to interrupt the blood flow.

Cleaning Paws After Walk:

We recommend you washing and cleaning your pup's paws properly after every walk in the winter season.

Follow these steps to clean their paws:

  • Immerse your pup's paws in Lukewarm water. This will remove salts on dog paws.
  • Gently dry their paws with a towel.
  • As your pup can ingest deicing salt by licking their paws, keep a bowl of lukewarm water at the entrance of your home to wipe them clean.

Keep Hair-Trimmed Inter Pads

If your dog is too hairy, then there is a chance of ice balls forming between its toes and the pads. So, it is important to keep their pads hair trimmed. This will also prevent the accumulation of de-icing salt on dog paws.

The Bottom Line

Keep your pup warm and hydrated so you can enjoy the winter with your furry friend. Following the tips mentioned in this article will lead to a fun, warm, and safe winter.