We can't wait to spend time with your pet this Summer!

We can't wait to spend time with your pet this Summer!

Summer is officially here and we know you can’t wait to get outside and have some fun. As you plan your long days and vacations, especially as July 4th is approaching, bring your fur baby to The Bark Shoppe for some fun too. Daycare and Boarding is extremely beneficial for your pet, more convenient than leaving your pet with a friend, and better for your peace of mind.

Your pet gets exposure to new friends and playmates at daycare and reduces the likelihood of developing behavioral issues because of constant engagement. They get mental stimulation provided through interactive toys, games, and training and multiple walks a day to make sure they are staying happy and healthy. Also, many dogs experience separation anxiety when left alone for long periods. The Bark Shoppe provides a stimulating and social environment during long days or your trips away.  We are the cure for separation anxiety with our friendly staff and the company of their other furry friends. Plus, regular routine and social interactions at daycare and boarding provide comfort and reassurance, reducing stress and anxiety associated with being alone at home.

Call the shop to set up care for your furry best friend. We ask for at least 72 hours of notice to make sure that we are properly staffed for the best car for your pets, however, we do our best to accommodate walk-ins.

In addition, we are adjusting our shop hours. We will now be closed on Sundays and Mondays for walk-ins but our Daycare and Boarding services will still be available for you if scheduled!

We look forward to hearing from you and spending time with your four-legged loved ones.