What To Do In-Between Grooming Sessions

What To Do In-Between Grooming Sessions

Is your dog starting to look shabby with a few weeks still left for its next grooming appointment? Are you looking for ways to avoid splurging on too frequent grooming sessions? Well, you’ve come to the right place. We have collected tips you can follow between grooming sessions to keep your pup healthy inside out.

Brush those coats!

Outdoor time is essential for a dog’s mental health and happiness. This means your dog will likely end up with dirt and debris in their coat. Brushing them every day for a few minutes is vital to prevent irritation and pain caused by tangled, matted fur.

After brushing, use a comb to really get that coat matt free. Also, keep an eye out for any concerning signs on your dog's skin, like fleas, allergies, or abscesses.


Bathing your dog every four to six weeks between grooming sessions is necessary to keep infections at bay. Water down the ear during grooming is a major trigger for ear infections. So, just make sure to avoid water in their eyes, ears, and mouth.

To avoid the accumulation of bacteria, clean thoroughly between the folds of their skin with a soap-free shampoo, and remove any eye discharge.

Attend to the Paws

Trimming their hair, especially if you’ve got a large pooch, may be intimidating. So it’s ok to leave that to the professionals. However, clipping your dog’s nails between grooming sessions is a simple task necessary for both your dog and furniture.

Keep your pup's paws from becoming dry and cracking by massaging some paw balm gently into their paw pads. Trust me, your pup will appreciate it.

Oral Hygiene

Skipping oral hygiene between grooming sessions is a big no! Brush your dog's teeth every day using a small rubber toothbrush or one you can stick on your finger. This saves your dog from any dental problems down the road, e.g., tartar, infection, bad breath, etc.

If using a brush makes your dog fidgety, you can opt for specially designed tablets that they can chew on to clean their mouth.

Bottom Line

Professional pet grooming is a must for any dog's well-being. Even though nothing can mimic the finesse of a professional pet groomer, you can use their recommended safety tips and dog products to do your part in caring for your dog between grooming sessions.