Why Your Dog Has Dry Skin and How To Treat It: Dealing with Dog Dandruff

Why Your Dog Has Dry Skin and How To Treat It: Dealing with Dog Dandruff

When your dog is itching and has dry skin, it may be due to dandruff. Just like human dandruff, dog dandruff is quite stubborn and unpleasant to experience.

If you are wondering why your dog's skin is dry and how to treat it, then head down below!

Fungal And Bacterial Infections

Dog dandruff is triggered when there are any fungal or bacterial infections causing dry skin. You must provide prompt treatment for the infection to prevent its further spread.

Parasitic Infestation

You would have seen tiny creatures wandering around on your dog's fur. They look like dandruff flakes, and just like fleas; they feed on your dog.

These creatures cause extremely itchy skin for your dog and ultimately lead to dryness.

Dehydration And Poor Nutrition

Keeping your dog hydrated is very important to prevent dandruff and dry skin. If your dog is dehydrated, then its skin will have less moisture, leading to itchiness.

Giving the right ingredients also prevents dog dandruff. Your pup's nutrition must include vitamins and proteins for healthy skin and hair.

Hormonal Disorders

Various disorders like hypothyroidism and Cushing syndrome can trigger skin issues like dry skin, dandruff, and hair loss.

Allergic Reactions

Environment and certain food items trigger allergic reactions in your dog.

You will find your dog itching badly after eating specific foods or in particular weather conditions. Dog dandruff is just a single symptom of an allergy. Other symptoms can also accompany it.

Using Wrong Products

Many skin-care items for dogs cause itchy and dry skin. You need to be careful while grooming dogs and ensure you've used the proper shampoo with the optimum Ph.

How To Treat the Dry Skin of Your Dog?

If your dog is showing symptoms of itchiness, redness, and flakiness, it may be due to dandruff and dry skin. You can follow some tips given below to prevent it.

  • Brush your dog regularly. This will remove the flakes from your dog's skin.
  • Avoid using human shampoos on your dogs while bathing them, and pick a shampoo with an appropriate Ph level.
  • If the climate is dry, use humidifiers to prevent the skin from drying.

The Bottom Line

Treating stubborn dandruff is not easy, but it can be managed and prevented if you follow the aforementioned tips in this article.

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